The Final 10 Days

Written by Jesse. Posted in Coaching Thoughts

In my book, the final 10 days before a major race represent that critical period where everything counts. That is:

1) Sleep – every single night should be the best it can be. I shoot to average at least 7.8 hours during this final period.

2) Hydration – at least half your body weight in onces each day in addition to workout losses.

3) Food – eat within the core as much as possible (I.e., fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, and seeds) other than the final day where the focus is low fiber grains to begin clearing the gut.

4) Workouts – nothing hard or overly draining. No interval workouts or overly long workouts.

5) Workout Recovery – have a good quality recovery shake after all workouts.

With the race season around the corner, hopefully these tid-bits will help provide “fresh” legs on race day.

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