Team Psycho Indoor TT

Written by Jesse. Posted in Race Reports

I know this writing is a bit late……but better late than never. Two Sunday’s ago was the first decent test of the season on the bike at the annual Team Psycho indoor time trial. This event has become a popular staple in the New England area and is held at the team QT2 sponsoring shop of Fast:Splits multisport in Newton, MA.

The course is a heart pumping 15k which for anyone who has never done one of these is very, very hard. Somehow it’s more painful than a 5k road race if that’s possible. Going into the event I figured I was bit stronger than last year (by about 3-4 watts based on recent training indicators for a 317W 20 min power) which proved to be correct as I rode a few seconds faster. My wife Chrissie was the real story though as she finally rode to her potential and came in 4th overall in the woman’s field just 22 seconds behind Karen Smyers. She is very strong on the bike and has been training hard so it’s nice to see her take care of the mental aspect and perform to her potential given her current fitness level (which has been proved in training).

Another great story was Pat Wheeler who we worked hard with over the winter to gain strength and some muscle through diet and focused weight routines in the gym. The good news is that the hard work paid off and he rode a few seconds faster than I did which last year would have been impossible.

We had many other QT2 athletes’ race who showed they have been working hard over the winter and are busting at the seams to get outdoors. Time for some of the sacrifices made over the winter to pay off!

It’s shaping up to be a great season again……


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