Sensible Choices

Written by Jesse. Posted in Coaching Thoughts

The holidays are a tough time to keep fat off and make good food choices. For those with early races its even more difficult since the focus is typically to lose weight. Here are some tips that I recently went over with some of my athletes:

1) Since the weekends will typically be a gauntlet, do your absolute best to be perfect during the week days. This will allow some slips on the weekends without excessive weight gain.

2) Once put into a compromising position, don’t just throw in the towel. For example, if you are put into a position where you must eat pizza, don’t just throw in the towel and say “hell, I’m already eating pizza so I might as well eat a half pie”. Instead say “well, I’m already eating pizza, so I will be more diligent on my serving size and limit it to 2 slices”. This will go a long way to limit the damage these compromising situations can have.

3) Try to position potential big eating situations following your longest workouts. This will help use excessive calories for restocking a depleted body instead of restocking your waistline.

4) While at holiday parties, do your best to choose foods with a low carbohydrate to protein ratio. This will help limit (or dilute) the blood sugar response of the meal and will therefore avoid weight gain.

5) Curtail drinking to the weekends only. Making good choices here can go a long way. None at all would be best, however, if you must, Red wine and light beer are your best choices while eggnog and classic beer are your worst.

Hopefully these tips will get you from Thanksgiving to Christmas with the same body fat or even a bit less than what you started with. This would be a fantastic accomplishment considering that the average American gains 7 pounds through this period!