QT2 Training Camp

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Well, we had our QT2 training camp this past weekend in Ludlow, VT. It was open first to all QT2 team members, then QT2 athletes, and lastly anyone else who expressed interest while there was still space. We had 14 QT2 team members/athletes attend and one non-QT2 athlete. Overall, the weekend was a HUGE success for the first time through. The location, workout routes, and overall agenda were fantastic which we will plan to repeat next year with very minor changes (plus some great improvements). Details will be out in the fall for next year’s weekend for all of those who are interested in attending.

I was absolutely amazed at the level of commitment, focus, great attitude, and toughness that each and every athlete displayed. With a VERY tough agenda planned, I thought for sure there would be more difficulty with some of the workouts and even some bad attitudes. I was dead wrong. These camps are truly a testament to how much an athlete can handle and almost always show people that they can do more than they think. We have an amazing team and athlete group with some of the nicest folks in the sport that I am so grateful and lucky to have affiliated with QT2 and myself. The camp was a way to not only train but also bring the team together which will go a long way to motivate and inspire all of us.

I’m humbled and inspired to do the best job I possibly can in helping these folks when they show the level of commitment they have this weekend.

Lesson: Group training can be very productive and push previous limiters when egos are thrown aside and everyone believes in what they are doing, have trust in their training protocol, and have trust in their coaches.  Its going to be a great racing season!


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  • IronMatron (Mary)


    Humbled and inspired– that’s how I felt too! Thanks for a great weekend, Jesse. We all appreciate the hard work that went into planning it. It was very fun and very tough!
    (I must admit I’m a bit stiff today.) 🙂


  • Kim


    heck yes it was a wonderfully inspiring weekend! i learned i am capable of doing much more than i ever thought possible, and am lucky to have such dedicated coaches and enthusiastic teammates to help me through it all.


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