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Multi-vitamins are funny….most people scurry around trying to find the one that’s got the most of every vitamin hoping they will get some magical benefit from all these vitamins. In fact, it could hurt them. This is the “more is better” fallacy that many athletes suffer from. Really, with the exception of a few of the antioxidants once your body has what it needs the rest is useless. Another problem is that many of the vitamin brands are not reputable and don’t have what they say they have. For most of my athletes, if they don’t take a vitamin I usually don’t recommend one since they are all on sound diets (or should be) and take their fair share of performance bars like cliff builder bars, power bars, endurox, etc. Most of these supplements are like multivitamins already because they are so heavily fortified. So, given that, if they are already taking one, I typically kick them down to 1 serving every other day. If they aren’t taking one, I usually don’t make them start unless there is a specific deficiency. Also, because of the fact that they all have sound diets and take all these other supplements, getting some ridiculous mega multi really doesn’t do much but waste money. However, in some cases where diet may be in question, it doesn’t hurt for insurance to take one to fill any holes that may exist. While choosing a multi, the focus is on a reputable brand, not the vitamin list. Since many athletes should be fine already (through diet and performance fuels), there’s no need to have overkill but rather a vitamin that has what it says it has. Believe it or not, a simple vitamin like Centrum Performance will get most athletes what they need, is reputable, available, and won’t break the bank. Spend the extra money on fruits and veggies.


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  • Jessekrop


    Absolutely! This is very important for athletes and most don’t get it! Take the omega-3 in the form of fish oil AS REQUIRED to get about 1-2 grams EPA/DHA per day. This means if you have walnuts one day and salmon another, there’s no need to take the supplement. Remember, supplements are just that, supplements!

    PS: I’ll post soon about what supplements are worth taking.



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