LP Race Week

Written by Jesse. Posted in Uncategorized

Well, race week is finally here! I’m so excited to race this weekend along side of all the QT2 athletes doing the race. Everyone has put in the work and made the sacrifices. Now is the time to enjoy all of that hard work with a rewarding and fun race.

For me, things have went very well….35 weeks and 1 day of training without missing a planned workout. My body composition, speed potentials, equipment, and durability are all where I had set goals for back in late October. Now, that one last little detail remains, can I (we) execute the plan and make all of those numbers actually mean something. Until that point, they are just numbers. Here’s what they tell me: 9:30-9:40. I’ll spare all of the split times for race day but in taking an objective look of where I am, I believe this is reasonable and is where my goal sits….sub 9:40. Can’t wait to find out.

I’ll be providing periodic updates from LP this week as we get ready. Chrissie and I leave tomorrow night…..


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