LP Pre-Race Night

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After a great week here in Lake Placid spent working out some, working a bit more, and then relaxing a bunch, it’s finally time to race!

The week went as planned in terms of training and nutrition, but certainly had some surprises…Coaches Tim and Cait surprise everyone with a MARRIAGE! That’s right folks; invitations go out Friday morning for a JP wedding at the lake at 3:00. I wouldn’t expect anything different from them two and overall it was a blast. I’m so happy for them!!

Tim and Cait

Back to the race…tomorrow’s weather looks good with a dew point below 60 meaning it shouldn’t feel too humid. Temperatures are expected in the mid 70’s.

We had breakfast for the QT2 athletes racing tomorrow which was a great opportunity to see everyone and answer any last minute questions.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone out on the course tomorrow!  Go to Ironman Live to track the race.

See you on the other side…..

-Jesse (#312)

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  • Mary


    What a weekend, huh? Marriage, a top ten finish and a win with a marathon record to boot?
    When it rains, it pours.
    Quite literally in the case of this year’s LP race. ha! I’m still not dry!


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