Kona 09′

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Well, I find myself heading to the big island this Thursday for the 3rd year in a row. The funny thing for me is, I qualified to race this year at lake placid, I bought tickets to go, but am not racing! What gives? Well, I’m doing IM Cozumel in November and am taking Kona as an opportunity to support the athletes that I coach who are racing. This was a decision I made months ago. Here are the athletes I’m talking about here:
Pat Wheeler
Michelle Joaquin
Molly Zahr
Jaime Windrow
Caitlin Snow
Hannah Freeman (England)
Chris Casey

QT2 also has racing (under other coach’s direction):
Pam Roesch
Matt Powell

Its a solid group and I’m really looking forward to devoting myself to their races this week. Should be a blast!!!


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