IT Band Friction

Written by Jesse. Posted in Coaching Thoughts

This is one of the most common injuries for runners and triathletes. It can be a tough one to deal with for “A type” athletes because its one you just can’t run through. Yet, every day we don’t run, the season or race gets closer and the training plan numbers back up. To make matters worse, we train ourselves to run through all pain that may be presented to us, and be tough. How do we deal with this?

1) The moment you feel any IT band pain at all, you have to stop running! Take it as a challenge to have the discipline to do this.

2) Start a comprehensive stretch routine daily that hits hams, gluts, quads, TFL, and calfs at a minimum. This routine should take 20-30 min if done correctly.

3) Once you don’t feel any pain at all on a day to day basis, start running every other day. Don’t plan a run time instead, stop the moment the pain becomes worse than a 2 out of 10. If the next run fails to go any longer than the previous, wait 2 days before the next run. If that one again, does not improve, go to 3 days before the next run…etc. Each time you get a better run (longer), you can subtract a day, until you are back to every other day. Once you are able to run 45 min every other day, you are likely good to go. Don’t go to back-to-back days until you are able to run 45 min every other day!

While going through this process, follow the RUN INJURY protocol to help keep fitness through this period. You’ll be surprised when you begin running again that you have lost very, very, little run form.

These little injuries can be frustrating, but with a little patience, they are just another speed bump, to a successful race season and long term progress.


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