Injury and Change

Written by Jesse. Posted in Coaching Thoughts

Here is my #1 rule when it comes to injuries. Since injury is related to consistency and consistency is the key to progress, I feel that this is an extremely important rule. When you feel some body part start to develop an injury, CHANGE SOMETHING before doing another workout! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard athletes say “I felt a minor ache a couple of weeks ago” just before saying “I can’t run/ride through it now”. I almost always follow this with “well, what did you change after you felt the ache?”. It almost always comes back as “nothing”.

Bottom line: if you don’t change something, you get the same old result. If that result is injury than that’s what you will get. If you feel something starting to ache, make a change (i.e., new shoes, cleats, stretch habits, strengthening, running route, saddle, etc.) the moment you feel it. The key is to make an intelligent choice about what may be causing the issue, and change something related to that before it changes you (by stopping your workouts).

Sounds like a simple concept, but the type “A” triathlete has a tough time accepting this when all they have is laser focus on getting the planned workouts in. Its easy for them to put the change item on the back burner. Once the injury stops the workouts, then they are interested however, at that point its too late.

Long season ahead…….


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