Hyannis Half Race Report

Written by Jesse. Posted in Race Reports

Sunday I did the Hyannis Half Marathon. This was my fourth year in a row doing this event! One difference this year: because I did IM Cozumel during late 2009, my training and body comp were about 4 weeks behind where they typically are coming into Hyannis. Having said that, my performance indicators have been pretty solid this year along with my nutrition and sleep. Having done zero anaerobic work to date and not having run faster than 6:45/mile for at least 4 months, I gave it a go. Based on my recent Z1 paces I estimated a 5:45 pace average for the day. With that, the plan was to go out the first 3 miles at 5:42 pace since there is a slight downhill early on.

There we were again, standing at the starting line in the cape in late February…..20+ QT2 athletes ready to rock and roll…..”let’s see what all of this aerobic training over the winter is worth”….is likely what most of them were thinking. Armed with that aerobic base, a pacing and fueling plan, suddenly we were off the line! I came through mile 1 in 5:45, and by mile 3 I was averaging 5:42…..right on the button. The pace felt quick (too quick) but I trusted the pacing plan and just hung onto the numbers the garmin was spitting out at me. It was a rough go, but I managed to finish strong and keep my HR stimulated all the way to the finish line, ending up with a 5:45 pace average on my garmin……another PR for this event. Here are my times for the past 4 years:
1:16:18 (2010)
1:16:24 (2009)
1:17:04 (2008)
1:17:10 (2007)

For those data junkies, here’s the Garmin file from the race: HERE

For those who know me, every day training and coaching for me is about long term progress…..not short term gratitude. Results like this are the reason why I continue to do this sport. Anyone, with the right set of tools and knowledge can continue to improve, year, after year IF they are willing to make the sacrifices it takes to do that. This year had a silver lining for me as I had 4 weeks less fitness than typical, and was about 2 pounds heavier than usual.

QT2 athletes dominated this race mostly because they have the quality I just mentioned. We put seven athletes inside the top 20 including a men’s second place, and a woman’s win. We also put another 8 athletes inside the top 100. All of this at a race with over 2700 athletes racing. Full results HERE.

4 weeks to Oceanside! Looking forward to giving that course another shot after my last go in 2008 HERE.