Hyannis Half Marathon Race Report

Written by Jesse. Posted in Race Reports

Did the Hyannis half marathon yesterday, which turned out to be a great day. The goal going into the race was to average 5:47-5:48 on my Garmin through the whole day. This goal was based on my previous 10k result 3 weeks ago and backing things out using the run calculator. The first 7 miles went according to plan averaging 5:47. Following that, things did slip a bit to 5:50 with a bunch of up hills from sea level back up to the finish line. In retrospect, since this course does go down hill for the first 3 or so miles, it would have made sense to split maybe 5:42 for those first 3-4 miles in preparation for the climb back out from sea level. Overall though, it was a very successful day as I felt good and had no major aches or pains. The typical nutrition plan went off without a hitch, which of course is the key to consistent solid race performances. I think the whole field may have been about 40-50 second slower this year compared to last year due to whatever reason which makes things a bit sweeter. Either way, it was another PR, which is always the goal. Also, and more importantly, ALL QT2 athletes/coaches that I work with (7 total at this race) PR’d the day. This included Caitlin Shea-Kenney the overall winner and QT2 coach who had a 5 min+ PR over last year. We must be doing something right.  Seriously though, nothing makes me more pleased with a day than to see the athletes we/I work with do well and PR.

Next up: Oceanside 70.3 where coaches Tim, Cait, and I will battle an extremely competitive early season triathlon field. My goal out there will be sub 4:26 based on my most recent performance indicators.

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  • IronMatron (Mary)


    Jesse, Congrats! What a great race! I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing team!
    I do love how you calculate everything so precisely and then go execute. That’s something we can all learn from you. I race almost totally by feel, which sometimes works, and well, sometimes it doesn’t…I could use a little more careful planning and determined execution!
    Congrats again.


  • Jessekrop


    Thanks Mary! Stay patient…..



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