QT2 Training Camp

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I know this is a bit late, but better late than never! Last week was our 3 day training weekend in Ludlow VT where we had 26 athletes participate (including 2 from the boston body worker who were there to help keep us pieced together! Thanks Jim and Katrina!).

The agenda this year was the same we used last year and included 18 hours of training over 3 days including about 230 miles on the bike, 35 miles running, and 5,000 yards of open water swimming. Although these numbers sound very high and unattainable for some, when approached with proper intensities, spot on fueling, and top notch restoration methods between workouts, you find 23 folks who roll right through the weekend with no injuries to speak of. Also keep in mind that for 90 percent of the folks attending the weekend, this was their single biggest training week (what we call overload weeks at QT2) for their build up to IMLP. It was again, very, very impressive to see this group stay so strong and positive throughout the weekend’s workouts…….what a blast!

My favorite (and most dreaded) part of the weekend was the 2 mile open water TT. We actually time everybody through the course and post the results. This is a great accountable way to push everyone at what is for most, the weakest portion of their triathlon racing. What you typically find is folks doing bike TTs on the group training weekends because its fun. To me, it makes more sense to lay focus where most people don’t……in the water. It’s a training weekend for heaven sakes!


Next year we plan to have another training weekend in Ludlow VT, likely during July in preparation for Timberman 70.3. This weekend will feature reduced volume, more intensity, and more focus on technical training/nutrition analysis each night. Stay tuned to the QT2 website for details on this one which should be out this fall. The camp will be open to anyone who is interested once we first offer it to QT2 athletes.

Also, for those interested, BegginerTriathlete.com has posted a video segment of the workshop I held this year at the New England Multisport Expo HERE.



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